What The Hell Are You Eating?

Blanco April 22, 2008

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I typically like my tacos, and all Mexican food for that matter, low class.  The best Mexican food is street food, tacos and tortas.  Anything you can eat standing up.  I was a little skeptical of Blanco, not just because it is in La Encantada but because it is a Fox restaurant.  Like North, Sauce, or Montana Avenue Blanco exudes a lot of faux class.  It purports to be upscale but the only thing upscale about this particular joint were its prices and its view.

A margarita sets you back around ten bucks and they are stingy with the tequila.  Still the blood orange margarita I had was tasty.  Abby had a peach and hibiscus margarita and it was a slightly better mix.  The bite of tequila was curiously missing from both however.  A black and blue mojito that everyone seemed to enjoy was passed around the table as well.  Aside from Frank it was the gayest thing at the table. 

The early highlight of the meal were the chips and salsa.  The chips were fresh and hot and the salsa was tasty but lacking heat.  I have to say, however, if the complimentary chips and salsa are high points, something might be wrong with your menu.  I also ordered a guacamole.  It tasted as though the avocados weren’t quite ripe.  Cal ordered a queso crisp that came covered with braised pork and avocado.  If you go there with your twelve year old nephew, this is what he would order.

I had the red chile chicken enchiladas, which while tasty, were nothing special.  The chicken was barely detectable through the thick sauce and totally lacked any kick whatsoever.  The beans and rice proved better than most, especially the rice which was mixed with cilantro, corn and mexican crema.  Josh’s cheese enchiladas appeared to be the way to go.  After realizing he’d forgotten one of them on the table he almost walked all the way back up the stairs and into the restaurant before the desire to just leave overpowered him. 

Abby and Cal both had the fish tacos.  Abby declared them “meh.”  Cal said they were great but I’m starting to realize Cal likes everything he eats.  From the other end of the table I heard some complaints of low sizzle out of the people who ordered the fajitas.  Isn’t that the whole point with fajitas, that you get that stupid cast iron plate so you can hear them still sizzling?  Bill also detected the obvious inclusion of A-1 sauce on his steak fajitas.  C’mon Blanco, you can do better than that.  It was also reported that Matt got extremely sick the next morning.

Everyone had a good time, though and we saw a brilliant sunset.  The worst part of the meal was when the check came and we realized that all ten of us had ran up a bill of 400 dollars.  Boo.

I give Blanco six and a half bland tacos.  Blanco is Spanish for white, so expect to be underwhelmed.


Here’s what the A-holes on the internet say:

“And the service? ” – J. Louise R.

LOS BETOS.” – Pablo M.

“If you’re not a little paranoid while walking to your car, the meal probably wasn’t that good.” – Aztex 9


3 Responses to “Blanco”

  1. josh Says:

    in retrospect we should have called shennanigans on that place for serving $10 glasses of fruit punch.
    the following morning I was lamenting the fact that I left my leftovers behind.

  2. Mittens Says:

    “Aside from Frank it was the gayest thing at the table.”

    This line deserves an award.

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