What The Hell Are You Eating?

Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse May 2, 2008

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So we wanted ribs.  What do you do when you want ribs in Tucson?  You sit around and debate the existence of certain restaurants, whether or not they’re still open, or you cave in and hit a chain.  Cal, Bill and I bullshitted for the better part of an hour before deciding to head to Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse out on Anklam, just past Greasewood.  The problem I have with going to eat steak or ribs, or in this town Barbecue, is that I can make it better myself for exponentially cheaper.  The serious dearth of places for decent, even passable BBQ is a constant source of culinary disappointment for me.  I’ve enjoyed barbecue in this town about as often as I’ve enjoyed an episode of My Name is Earl.

So I wasn’t expecting a lot out of Daisy Mae’s.  I’d been there once previous and wasn’t too impressed.  It was a pretty small crowd this past Wednesday and our server sat us in front of the big screen television.  I watched my old Kansas classmate Paul Pierce decimate the Atlanta Hawks and enjoyed a Bohemia.  Daisy Mae’s had a pretty good beer selection with a lot of good Mexican options.  The interior of the restaurant is covered in one dollar bills stapled to the walls and ceiling.  Both Cal and Bill were able to spot dollars bearing their name but I couldn’t find a Marshall.

We started with some mesquite grilled wings.  These proved exceptional.  Normally, I’m skeptical of non fried wings, but these were quite good.  They had great mesquite smokiness and good texture.  I was really pleased with them.  We all ordered ribs as well.  I didn’t really see any other options at that point.  We had been talking about ribs for more than an hour so a steak wasn’t going to cut it.  The service was good, though Bill noted, “They have a lot of hot servers here but we got the only ugly one.”  Which, as far as I can tell, is classic Bill.  I told him that was an old Hooter’s phenomenon that I had picked up on when my friends would drag me all they way up to Kansas City just to go to Hooter’s (Mainly so our one friend could get a ham and cheese sandwich.  Trust me I could do a whole post on the idiocy of that retard’s eating habits).

So the ribs show up with little fanfare.  Just the rack of ribs, a pretty small backed potato and a little dish of sauce.  Before I could even register that there was even Texas toast on the table we were all half done with our racks.  I couldn’t get the meat to stay on the bone.  The stuff was just slipping off, we had to use our fingers.  Is there greater testament to a rib?  The sauce was fair with a little kick but nothing special.  The ribs lacked real flavor but they were cooked so perfectly that it didn’t matter.

I have to admit that the best part of the night transpired just as we were leaving.  I had turned my car around in the dead end parking lot and were about to exit when a van pulled in to a parking spot adjacent the front patio.  A couple of white thirty something dudes hopped out and proceeded to have a conversation right in front of my car.  Were they serious? we inquired to each other.  I was idling in my car not four feet in front of them.  Another guy got out, he must have been middle management because he had a blackberry or something, and he shuffled the other two out of the way only to be followed by a woman who got out of the van and stood in the exact same spot examining her cell phone.  What the fuck is she doing? we again asked each other.  Cal began laughing at an exceedingly loud volume, which if you’ve heard the dude laugh you know what a cacophony he can cause.  What the hell was she doing, checking out the pictures she took in the van?  She finally looked up right at me and slouched off.

I give Daisy Mae’s a seven and a half.  They had good ribs but really nothing else to offer.  Plus they lose points because I can still make better ribs.

Even this weird Dutch kid likes ribs.

A couple of internet dorks thought this:

“I ate the entire 14 oz. of steak. Then again that might have to do with the fact that I had nothing else to eat for the entire day.” – Susanna S.

“They recommend the sirloin which I found to be very fatty.” – Anonymous


One Response to “Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse”

  1. Sarah Says:

    you ate somewhere this close to my house and didn’t invite me? fie.

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