What The Hell Are You Eating?

Frankie’s May 7, 2008

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As you may or may not know, Frankie’s was formally called Daglio’s and was housed where Brushfire currently sits.  It moved across the street into a bigger space with better parking.  That’s the only improvement as far as I can tell.  Actually, I like the name less so I guess it balances out.

I had to go alone this Tuesday as Cal was forced into closing and upon receiving my invitation for free dinner my brother said, “I just ate a shitload of taco meat.”  No big deal, I’ll eat alone.  I pulled into Frankie’s and parked between two giant trucks.  Inside I could see a crowded table of meat heads.  As I approached the restaurant I stumbled on some uneven pavement and fell against the building slapping my hand against the window.  The whole table of current quad enthusiasts and future anger management classmates turned and looked at me.  I entered the restaurant which has undergone a nice make over with red and gold walls sporting various cheaply framed pictures of Philadelphia expecting to run into some sort of comment from at least one of the goons but they were too busy giving each other boners to pay any mind to little old me.

I ordered the chicken cheesesteak and an order of fries.  I had to skip the soda because they serve Diet RC.  Is RC cheaper or something?  Who the fuck drinks RC.  Nobody I know.  Nobody I want to know.  I decided to get it to go because the place was getting pretty crowded for a Tuesday night.  Typically getting your food to go impacts your food negatively.  I find that with a cheesesteak, the more you let the bun soak up some grease the better it tastes.  (The same goes for burritos. If you’re blessed with a special kind of patience get a really quality burrito and stick it it on the dash of your car in the middle of summer for a couple of hours.  Everything will comingle in a really magic way.)

I have to say I think Frankie’s may have taken a step backward.  The bread was still good, it really is the main reason to get anything there.  Supposedly they have it flown in from Philadelphia daily but I don’t know if I really buy it but it tastes great nonetheless.  The chicken in the cheesesteak was dry and almost bland.  It had a touch of seasoning but not enought for a cheesesteak.  There were also no peppers, perhaps it was an oversite, which made the thing kind of hard to enjoy.  The fries were pedestrian.  Almost exactly what you think when someone says the word french fry.  Luckily, I still have one bottle of Stadium Mustard left from the case I bought.  I love you Stadium Mustard.

I give Frankie’s 5 tasty buns with a chance to redeem themselves should someone insist I go there again.

Is that a cheesesteak you’re jamming on or are you just condeming your party to a lifetime of illegitamcy?

Could our vegetarian/vegan friends eat here?  No, and I’m not sure why they would even want to.  Although I’ve heard tale of mean vegan cheesesteaks elsewhere.


Here’s what the ‘tards on the ‘net are talkin’ ’bout:

“Taste was greasy, prepared sloppily by bored 20 yr olds.” – Ferdinand B.

“On the other end of the restaurant scale is a Campbell Avenue place called Frankie’s.”  – Tucson Weekly



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