What The Hell Are You Eating?

El Saage by Ben May 12, 2008

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Today Marshall asked Amy and I to accompany him to El Saage on Campbell for lunch. He told us it was Lebanese food which did not prompt any familiar images for me. Amy however, must have thought of something akin to the kind of Indian food that gives me gas. She told Marshall that if this was the case, I may get a “tummy-ache” I clarified that my usual reaction to gloopy Indian food is not stomach ache gas but fart gas. Marshall looked uncomfortable, but told me Lebanese food consisted mostly of pita sandwiches, so I was in.
The atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed and friendly. I can’t remember if there was music playing, but I assume there was. In front of the register, I skimmed over a laminated newspaper article about the family that owns El Saage and their involvement as extras in “Three Kings” and “The Kingdom”. Neat. After finally learning what falafel was from Amy and Marshall, I ordered a falafel sandwich. Amy had said she wanted a feta sandwich but changed her mind at the last minute and got another falafel. I was a little disappointed because I was kind of looking forward to trying some of Amy’s, but no biggie. The girl who rang us up looked a little like a Kim Kardashian, just younger and thinner. She also made what seemed like almost too much eye contact.  I don’t know what Marshall ordered because I was getting water at the time (Kafta-ed). Sorry.
The food all came out pretty quickly. The sandwiches were ready just a little before Marshalls food, but the awkward “do I or do I not start eating before his food gets here” moment was kept at a minimum. Either Marshall’s order came with hummus and pita or he ordered it on the side, but it was pretty good and ornately garnished with oil and olives. It’s worth mentioning that when the young woman from the register brought Amy and I’s food she repeated the eye contact business, but just with me. And then again when she brought Marshall’s food. Kind of weird.
Basically falafel sandwiches are the shit and I love them now. All the extra fillings were appropriate and nothing was gloopy. I think the whole thing might have been baked (They’re fried, I’m surprised they didn’t give you “fart gas.” – ed) because it was crunchy and warm on the outside.
I’m glad Marshall told us about El Saage so we can go there next time we’re out around lunch time and don’t know where to eat. Which actually happens a lot.

3 Responses to “El Saage by Ben”

  1. Andrew Says:

    How does one pronounce “El Saage?”

    I think fear of botching the name is the only reason I haven’t suggested going there to the family. That, and the fact that I pretty much never remember it exists until I’m on a Trader Joe’s run.

  2. whatthehellareyoueating Says:

    el saajhz.

    that should clear it up for you.

  3. Amy Says:

    Ben is insane. Ever since we got married he thinks that everyone is in love with him or stares too much. Also, what the hell does that have to do with the food? And why were pickles in my falafel?
    Otherwise, I loved the food.
    Ben and I are bad at making conversation with Marshall, that brought the whole thing down a little. Oh well. We don’t get out much.

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