What The Hell Are You Eating?

Great American Cattle Co. Steak Burger May 19, 2008

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Jessica accused me recently of under representing the East Side so I journeyed out toward whichever mountains those are (I can never remember, the Catalinas?) to meet her and Noel at the Great American Steaks and Burgers Co. Apparently she has been driving by it, intrigued, for months. Short story shorter, I consented and drove out to where I thought the restaurant was only to realize it wasn’t there anymore. I had to call my brother and have him look on the internet to find out where it really was which made me late, rendering the Saveur magazine I brought with me useless and condemning it to a lifetime of riding in the passenger seat of my car.

Jessica and Noel were waiting for me outside the restaurant, still not sure if they wanted to eat there or go somewhere else. Noel and I decided we were already here so why not give it a whirl? The inside of the Cattle and Great Americans Co. of Steakburgers is decked out with the usual Western motif, covered wagon wall paper, lots of really old people and weird metal cow head wall hangings. The menu was pretty obvious as well, I think I already knew I was ordering a chicken sandwich. It was a pretty standard sandwich, the chicken was well prepared with some mild “south westy” spices but the sweet potato fries were a surprise. I’d do almost anything for some hot, crispy sweet potato fries. These were pretty fair, they were thin and floppy with a few extra fried fries at the bottom. We all pretend these aren’t the best fries in any order but let’s just stop kidding ourselves.

If you can make these for me, let’s get married.

Noel and Jessica both ordered burgers. Neither of them had much positive to say and Jessica’s was undercooked. The highlight of the meal was definitely the sheer amount of meat that the two elderly couples seated behind us ordered. I’m guestimating about eleven pounds for the four of them, all in ribs and sausages. After they were finished one of the oddest shaped women I’ve ever seen produced toothpicks for the table, yet the other woman declined. How could she not need a toothpick? I saw her gnawing on a rib bone.

Anyway, I give The Company of Cattle and Steak Burger America five floppy sweet potato fries. Though I commend Jessica’s sense of adventure. Hopefully, she can root out some decent East Side locations for me to try.

Here’s what everyone on the ‘net sez:

“The burgers and fish sandwichs are excellant as is the steaks..” – Anonymous.

“Ever since this restaurant moved to their new location the service and food went from good to right down the tubes.” – liddiebug

“We felt we were eating good old corn feed beef!” – RaybAZ


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