What The Hell Are You Eating?

Jessica’s Take on the Great American Steakburger May 19, 2008

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The decor is of Great American Steakburger is a little bit creepy, kind of Old West Saloon meets Old Folks Home.  Although, to be fair, my assessment may have been influenced by the fact that we were pretty much the only clientele without someone with white hair in our party.  The seats were vinyl with little cowboys on them, and the table was vaguely sticky.  There also seemed to be a bizarrely large staff for the small number of people seated.  The menu seemed to offer a fairly big selection though (well, a big selection of meat.  I don’t think there were any non-meat options), and was reasonably priced.  Sneakily, however, you had to order sides separately–no fries to accompany burgers here.  I ordered a side salad, and a well-done Steakburger Tampiquena (tampiquena apparently the Spanish word for jack cheese + onions + green chiles).

The salad came first, and was ok; fresh, but nothing spectacular.  Pretty much the same ingredients that would appear in any bagged salad.  My biggest irritation with the salad is that it was a medium-sized salad in a ridiculously small bowl.  Every time I attempted to stab a piece of lettuce or carrot with my ginormous and tine-lacking fork a different piece of tomato or lettuce would take a dive out of the other side of the bowl onto the aforementioned vaguely sticky table.  Since I wasn’t about to eat anything that had touched the table, that meant that part of my salad ended up being inedible, but it may have added to the entertainment factor for Marshall and Noel, not sure, I didn’t ask.

The burger was decent, but totally tasted like it was just a frozen patty with some good grill seasoning on it, and the “tampiquena” topping.  Upon further reflection I think that probably all the burgers at the restaurant were the same frozen patty, with various different toppings.  I did like the tampiquena part though, it added a nice little kick to the burger, and the bun was pretty good, although it was of the very squish-able variety, meaning that it was nice and thick my first few bites, but by the time I got to the end of my burger it was about 1/8 of an inch thick.  My biggest complaint with the burger is that I ordered it well-done, and it was definitely pink in the middle, which is completely annoying.  I hate pink meat, so I nibbled around the edges of the burger, and left the middle icky part.

All in all I’d probably have to agree with Marshall and give Great American Steakburger (whose initials are GAS by the way) a five.  Noel said he would’ve given the food a six (he got a burger with bacon and cheese, and a side of beans) but he agreed that the ambience of the restaurant was a little strange, so that probably an all-around five is a good assessment. 


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