What The Hell Are You Eating?

What the Hell Are You Eating in L.A. Part 2 June 4, 2008

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After a fairly ridiculous evening, I got up early and headed to the hotel’s breakfast buffet.  I’m a big fan of buffets, probably the fat midwesterner in me.  This one left more than a little to be desired especially since it was twenty fucking dollars.  There was an omelet station that offered cheese, ham, peppers, or mushrooms.  No spinach?  What the hell, I don’t know about you guys, but spinach is an omelet staple for me.  They also had the usual terrible hash browns (they never hold up, you have to go home fries on a buffet) sausage, bacon, biscuits, plus fruit and cottage cheese.  I ordered up an omelet with peppers, grabbed a couple of biscuits and some bacon and went back to my table.  When I returned to pick up my omelet I also grabbed a bowl of cottage cheese to which I added a couple of what I thought were peaches.  After trying the peaches, I realized they were maybe pears.  I wasn’t sure, they didn’t quite taste like either.    After putting away a thirty dollar breakfast that I could have easily put together for five dollars on my own in a better fashion everyone else showed up and wanted to eat breakfast.  I ate some granola with bananas since I was still hungry and I didn’t know when we were going to eat lunch.

For lunch we ended up at the Liberty Grill near the convention center.  I don’t think we could have had a more nondescript lunch in all of Los Angeles.  The only thing that made me wonder about anything was how the Mexican staff felt about working under such pro American decor.    I had the mahi mahi sandwich.  Actually, later, it had me.

We went to the Palm for dinner.  The Palm is a famous restaurant in New York that franchised out across the country.  “We’re a steak and seafood place,” our waiter Pauley said.  I trusted him because he was fat and ordered a steak.  It was pretty good, though I still feel like my brother grills a better steak than most yahoos in steak houses.  We had clams for an appetizer, both casino and oreganta (or some other bullshit name).  Heather claimed all the ones she tried were gritty.  I didn’t know what she was talking about until I sucked one of those little bad boys out of their shell and got a mouth full of sand.  Isn’t that the only thing you really have to do with clams, make sure they don’t have any grit?  I had a clam chowder as well, it was 92 percent grit free and had tons of clams.  Heather and Katy both got the sea bass and both were sorely disappointed, half of Heather’s was fat and made her really sick.  Aaron had some kind of huge crab that required a bib which he wore and was a real good sport about.  We also shared a twenty dollar piece of cake and a couple of creme brulees that we seriously devoured.  I should also mention that the woman who sat us and took our drink orders had the name “Suebiscuit” embroidered on her jacket.

I’d give the whole day of eating a six, with the steak being the high point and the peach/pear debacle the low point.

Here are some random quotes about relevant topics from the internet:

The Palm

“My sister ordered the veal and it was delish!” – Christann R.

“Everything would’ve been great, except that our waiter turned out to be the biggest wanker of all time.” – hp

“hey george, send me that picture of us w/ frank mcCourt…” – George L.

Liberty Grill

“This place confuses me” – Erica R.

“Snorefest.” – Ethan M.


3 Responses to “What the Hell Are You Eating in L.A. Part 2”

  1. Mittens Says:

    So does that $30 breakfast get figured into the unit costs of whatever acquisitions get sent to the store? Or was that out of pocket? Either way, you probably should have stayed at the Marriot with the continental breakfast.

  2. whatthehellareyoueating Says:

    I believe it comes out of the travel budget. Perhaps personel. Either way I was unsatisfied.

  3. Katy Says:

    Every bite Marshall consumed is filled with the knowledge of how much more he must sell. . .

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