What The Hell Are You Eating?

What the Hell Are You Eating in L.A. Part 3 June 6, 2008

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Our third day in Los Angeles began with a tantalizing breakfast at a Bob’s Big Boy.  Bob’s Big Boy is kind of a mythical restaurant to me.  I’ve always heard of it yet never really knew what it was exactly.  It’s Denny’s.  I had what I’d eat at Denny’s or, what I ate at Denny’s the next morning.  Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and biscuit, all of it sucked.

I think we might have skipped lunch that day since we went to the museum and were all fairly traumatized by the Big Boy.  Dinner, however was at our hotel at a restaurant called Thousand Cranes.  I don’t think it has anything to do with Yasunari Kawabata.  The only real similarity was that he killed himself and after drinking that much saki, I really wanted to.

I suppose this is the most expensive restaurant I’ve ever eaten at.  Katie, Heather and I split the Kobe beef Sukiyaki style which, judging by how it was prepared, means left in an electric skillet unattended.  Still it was the best piece of meat I’ve ever tasted.  I’m not sure how many different vegetables it was tossed with.  At one point I held up a piece of weirdness to our waitress and I think she said, “bamboo shoot,” but she really could have said anything because I was on my fourth pomegranate julip.  I’m really not sure what anyone else ordered, except I know Katy got a bunch of wicked shashimi that included a shrimp head from which she was forced to suck his brains or whatever shrimps have up there.

The whole meal was pretty extravagant and it was made doubly so since we were sequestered in our own room.  Which in retrospect was probably a good idea with things happening like Katie leaning over to tell me that she was quote, “so fucking wasted.”  It was that kind of night.  Since it was a Japanese restaurant we were all sitting on the ground with no shoes on, this made getting up to go the bathroom a huge ordeal.  We all had to share one pair of slippers.  I also complicated everything be repeatedly exiting through the kitchen entrance.  What the hell did I care I was fucked on Kobe beef.

I give Thousand Cranes nine little bowls of saki.

We also ate at a pizza place that was pretty good but I’m tired of writing about L.A. I’m going to get back to Tucson.


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