What The Hell Are You Eating?

Karuna’s Thai Plate June 10, 2008

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Now that I work across the street from Karuna’s, I’d be remiss if I never gave it a go.  I’m a big fan of Thai food, it’s a real toss up if it is better than Chinese food.  I suppose I have to say that great Chinese food is better than great Thai food, but here in Tucson there are more above average Thai restaurants than there are merely average Chinese spots.  That being said, Karuna’s does not share that distinction.  Or maybe it does.

I really enjoyed how fucking mean and bitter the waitress was to the table next to us.  They complained about some food being bad and the lady was just like, “Somebody else would have complained if it was bad, so you’re wrong.”  I hate when other patrons bitch and moan at restaurants.  Everyone knows if you want something done right you do it yourself.  It’s a gamble when you eat out, you’re taking a risk, sometimes you lose.  That’s how diarrhea happens.

Anyway, I had the forty four I think, ground chicken, bell peppers and basil.  The waitress asked how spicy, and I told her extremely spicy.  She double checked but I reiterated how spicy.  Usually nobody makes the food spicy enough and I’m left with food as spicy as it should normally be prepared.  Not at Karuna’s, they hooked it up in the spice department.  It was pretty greasy though.  That’s not a deathblow however, why should American food monopolize grease?

Kaia seemed to like her pad thai, she kept eating it so I took that as a good sign.  One of the highlights of the lunch was the guy at the next table trying to eat something out of a coconut.  It was giving him serious trouble.  He looked like a chimp discovering tools for the first time the way he was going at it.  His dining companions kept giving him advice on how to get at whatever was on the inside, some kind of curry was my guess, but he just kept banging away on it.

I can definitely see why some people might hate this restaurant, it isn’t particularly clean or comfortable and the waitress told off one of the customers.  As long as you have the proper expectation, I don’t think you’ll be unsatisfied.  Plus, this gal seems to be enjoying herself, the internet caption said she was at Karuna’s:

I give Karuna’s a six even, and really it could take a turn for the worse at any meal but, like I said it’s a gamble.

Internet grumblings:

“The half-eaten meal left me feeling nauseous and miserable.” – Brooke R.

“It isnt at all a good restaurant…” – Ferdinand B.

“She was overtly contemptuous toward my party several times before I stopped going.” – Debbie D.


3 Responses to “Karuna’s Thai Plate”

  1. Mittens Says:

    It’s a thing of beauty to see someone get bitched out by the waitress at a small restaurant. It’s that kind of special ambience you’re not going to get at a Panda Express or a Yokohama Rice Bowl.

  2. josh Says:

    There are a lot of Thai places in Tucson, but none of them are very good. I have had some of my best & worst Tucson Thai at Karuna’s, I suppose some would argue that an inconsistent eatery is a poor eatery… I am willing to give Karuna’s the benefit of a doubt. I would suggest avoiding the lunch buffet as it tends to be greasier and more bland than the dinners. Oh, try the green papaya salad, best I’ve had in Tucson.
    Strangely enough Flagstaff has a couple of excellent Thai places, way better than anything in Tucson.

  3. whatthehellareyoueating Says:

    I looked at the lunch buffet and the voice in my head said exactly this, “Are you fucking kidding me?” It’s rare that something can make my brain swear at my eyes.

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