What The Hell Are You Eating?

Martin’s Comida Chingona June 24, 2008

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If there is a restaurant in Tucson that embodies the spirit of the city more than Martin’s then I’ve not been there. It exudes the quiet cool that some many of our town’s business, eateries and hipsters strive for yet rarely achieve. From the excellent lucha painting on the wall to the understated mismatch tables and chairs, Martin’s is the rare restaurant whose decor outpoints the food while maintaining high quality fare.

Martin has been in the restaurant every time I’ve eaten there, either bullshitting out front or even serving food. There’s usually a laid back server or cashier hanging around too. If this were some other style of restaurant besides a casual Mexican spot on Fourth Avenue, you might have a problem with this service. At Martin’s you expect exactly what you get, which is different than getting exactly what you expect. I think it is anyway, I guess it depends on what your expectations.

The food is simple, tacos, tortas, burritos and tostadas all offered with a variety of meats or even soy chorizo. The best is probably the chicken mole. It’s finely shredded, with a rich chocolate hint cutting a mild spice. The carne asada is done well, seasoned well with a nice crispiness. To be honest, and Cal concurred, it is easy to find really nice carne asada at a roach coach so I don’t necessarily recommend it when you can have the mole or the red or green chile.

The only real minuses at Martin’s are sodas in cans and a small dining area. Other than that it is really a perfect quick dining experience especially if you are shopping on Fourth Ave or if you’re just wasting time on a day off.

I give Martin’s Comida Chingona 8 and a half delicious tortas. I brought a camera with me but it ran out of batteries. So no picture this time.


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