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Pico De Gallo July 1, 2008

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The first step on my taco crusade brought me to Taqueria Pico De Gallo. Pico De Gallo is located on South 6th Avenue. It’s easy to find as you can tell from the above photo. It is the restaurant that Guillermo suggested when I told him about my taco situation. I made two stops this past weekend mainly because when I went on Saturday night they were out of barbacoa. On Saturday night Sean and I arrived at around six thirty to find almost no one in the parking lot. I didn’t take that as a good sign. Once inside, however, I was more than happy that there was only one other family there. We got our tacos extra fast. I had a birria, carne asada and a camarones. Of the three the birria was the only one I could possibly put into the running for best taco in town. It was soft, deeply flavored but not chewy. It didn’t fall out of the taco in one large glop as some birria is wont to do. The real treat was the tortilla. I always go with corn, never flour. At Pico De Gallo, the corn tortilla is slightly fried landing it somewhere in between a hard shell and a typical taco. It was a revelation. Not only did the corn tortillas not break apart as they often do, they added a rough texture that made the taco slightly more substantial. They came topped with cabbage and a really spicy pico de gallo featuring chopped jalapenos plus a side of pickled onions and carrots which Sean referred to as, “alien vegetables.” The carne asada was decent but not a contender. The camarones lost points for being fried but was still a fine taco.

The next day I went to try the barbacoa, cabeza and pollo. The barbacoa was good but barely decipherable from the cabeza which I found odd. I finally did figure it out but only after getting inside the taco and feeling around. The pollo was a little disappointing. It didn’t play off the spicy pico de gallo as well as the beef.

I was thoroughly pleased with my taco experience at Pico De Gallo’s. The Birria is a challenger to both Valarie’s potato taco and Martin’s chicken mole. I don’t think it can knock V’s off the current top spot however.


3 Responses to “Pico De Gallo”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Pico de Gallo is my very favorite taco spot in town, and has been since day one in Tucson. I have been known to visit multiple times per week–when people are visiting, especially. My favorite is the fish tacos. They’re fried, but I like them that way. (I also like flour, though I’ll admit the corn tortillas here are as close to edible as they get.) Bonus: great respados place right across the parking lot.

    Their ceviche is also divine. (If you like cilantro, which I don’t.)

  2. jessicah Says:

    They totally just failed their health rating and now they only have a ‘provisional’ license. (In case you care.)

  3. whatthehellareyoueating Says:

    I’m not completely sure that I do. Maybe. But life’s all about risk assessment anyway.

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