What The Hell Are You Eating?

Sandwich Rule No. 3 July 10, 2008

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While a sandwich can and often will be merely a vehicle for a particular condiment, said condiment must never be catsup. Catsup has no place on any sandwich. If you can produce a sandwich that is improved upon by the addition of catsup then I will give twenty dollars. It’s not a lot of money but, seriously, it’s a fucking sandwich. That has catsup on it.


8 Responses to “Sandwich Rule No. 3”

  1. jessicah Says:

    I dip my grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup. And I like ketchup on meatloaf sandwiches.

  2. whatthehellareyoueating Says:

    The only authorized sandwich dip is the French Dip into au jus. Though the meatloaf sandwich may require an addendum to Sandwich Rule No. 3 as long as the catsup doesn’t come in direct contact with the bread.

  3. jessicah Says:

    Nope, no contact. One slice bread, then cheese, then meatloaf, then ketchup, then broiler. (Well Noel puts mayo in his too, but I’m a ketchup purist)

  4. sta Says:

    rich like katsup on his mayo bologna sangwich. love to dip my grill cheese in ketchup

  5. sta Says:

    meatloaf mayo catsup bread yum

  6. J Marshall Hart, Sr Says:

    The boy is wrong here. Nothing like a grilled cheese dipped in katsup, catsup, ketchup. Or nothing like a Bobo’s Drive In cheeseburger dipped in catsup just a little bit to offset the mayo and Velveta. I would have had catsup on my steak sandwich today if I didn’t any habero thousand island dressing available. I suppose if were to eat a meatloaf sandwich, ketchup would go on it.

  7. whatthehellareyoueating Says:

    Who knew the application of catsup to a sandwich was going to be so controversial. I stand by my statement. Catsup is for eggs. Maybe tater tots.

  8. Luke Says:

    Is it still Catsup, if it is mixed 50-50 with Tobasco? That is what goes on my meatloaf sandwhiches. As for the pure stuff, me no likey. It is too sweet for most sandwhiches, and the idea of sweet + cheese turns my stomach, probably just me though.

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