What The Hell Are You Eating?

Sandwich Rule No. 5 July 12, 2008

Filed under: Sandwiches — whatthehellareyoueating @ 7:17 pm

When crafting a sandwich for another there are some general guidelines about filling placement.  Meat must touch cheese if they are sharing bread.  In addition, either meat or cheese must be the bottom layer of filling.  Lettuce, or any other leafy green, must be next to the top most layer of bread but may be featured on different levels as well as long as it also appears just beneath the top bread.  Condiments must, at least, touch either meat or cheese.  For a sandwich to go bread-condiment-lettuce-cheese-meat-bread is unacceptable.  You basically loose the condiment.  All other additional filling items must be contained between the leafy green and the meat cheese combination.  Sandwiches, that are acceptable, even delicious may exist outside of this construction archetype but be prepared for potential mishap.


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