What The Hell Are You Eating?

El Indio July 16, 2008

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Sean and I stopped by El Indio last Monday for lunch after seeing Hellboy at 9:30 in the morning.  After the novelty of the morning movie I had high hopes for El Indio.  It has all the hallmarks of a good Mexican restaurant, it was south of 22nd the decor said, “don’t look at me, you’re here for the food anyway,” and the honky ratio was low.  Unfortunately El Indio fell flat in nearly every other aspect.

I ordered three tacos, a carnitas, a carne asada, and a birria.  The birria was the only taco that tasted remotely like its name suggested.  The carnitas was an absolute travesty.  It laid in the taco like a dead mouse, gray and lifeless.  It was pukeworthy.  The carne asada was uninspired.  It was a bad cut of meat chopped and barely seasoned.  Decent carne asada should be the bare minimum one can expect from a Mexican restaurant.  Sean had a carne asada chimichanga that didn’t deliver.  It was all chimi and no changa.  Or vice versa, I couldn’t tell.

The service was virtually non existent, we had to grab our own menus, and our waitress checked on us only to drop off our check.  Oddly, the place was freaking packed, we took one of the only available booths.  What was calling these people to this restaurant?  Perhaps there’s something we missed, I did see a lot of people getting soups.  As it stands, I give El Indio 4 of the worst tacos I’ve ever eaten.


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