What The Hell Are You Eating?

Homeplate July 16, 2008

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Cal, Mario, Eric and I went to Homeplate to watch the MLB All Star game and sample some hopefully decent bar food. Cal is a big champion of Homeplate but I had never been there, it being a bar and me being me. The bar patrons seemed to be mostly middle aged rummies and kids hitting up the batting cages located out back. It made for a nice enough mix, most everybody was on the minding my own business tip.

The menu at Homplate is basically what you’d expect, burgers sandwiches, and pizza plus a plethora of fried objects. We all had burgers. You know who should take a trip down to Homeplate to learn a thing or two about hamburger buns? Barrio, that’s who. The burgers were perfect bar burgers, greasy but with a bun thick enough and solid enough to soak up said grease. The bacon on my bacon cheeseburger was actual bacon, none of that microwaved pre cooked crap. The fries and onion rings were standard and pre frozen. However, the hot sauce that came with our boneless buffalo wings (chicken nuggets) was delicious.

For most of the meal I tried to figure out how old a girl sitting in the next booth was.  It was impossible to tell, especially since she had braces.  Maybe she was 23 or she was 13 I just couldn’t get a handle on it.  I didn’t actually see her drink anything alcoholic but maybe she did.  There were kids all over for the batting cages so she didn’t really seem too out of place.  After she left I inquired to my brother how old he thought she was rather loudly before realizing the person who was sitting with her was still in the booth.  Eric started to make a comment about her physical appearance but quickly caught himself with the ever casual, “I mean nevermind.”  I shouldn’t have given a shit, the dude was wearing gym shorts out in public, he obviously didn’t.

Also of note, our waitress had a broken foot.  It was in one of those boot things.

I’m going to give Homeplate seven and a half actual slices of bacon on a burger.


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