What The Hell Are You Eating?

Taco Update August 2, 2008

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Valarie and I went to Juanito’s last night to get some tacos.  I knew their tacos were good I just hadn’t been there since I started looking for the taco. Juanito’s didn’t disappoint.  In fact, they’ve never disappointed me for as long as I’ve been going there.  Sometimes you can eat too much and then your body is disappointed with you but not with Juanito’s.  I tried each of their tacos, a carne asada, a pollo, a cabeza, a carnitas, and an al pastor.  It was hard to tell which was the better taco.  The cabeza was good, it had the kind of texture that you can either chew or let melt in your mouth.  The big difference with Juanito’s cabeza is you can tell it’s cabeza and not just birria, a big plus.  The pollo was good too, I’m not sure it’s as good as Martin’s chicken mole taco however.  Then al pastor, carnitas, and carne asada tacos almost transcend taco-dom.   These three are equally fantastic.  They are the kind of taco that you eat and instantly think, I could eat twelve of these.  As it stands right now, I feel safe in stating that I’ve yet to eat better carne asada, carnitas or al pastor in all of Tucson.  That’s tough talk, I know, but see if you don’t agree.


2 Responses to “Taco Update”

  1. Marians Says:

    Yay! Interesting…

  2. erin Says:

    Juanito’s is delicious, but I always kind of felt like I had just taken a Muay Thai kick to the gut after eating there. That is how you know it is good.

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