What The Hell Are You Eating?

In ‘N Out review by Ezra August 12, 2008

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Uncle Joe:  Ezra, how’s that burger?

Ezra:  Hmm?

Uncle Joe:  On a scale from one to ten, how good is that burger?

Ezra:  What?

Uncle Joe:  One to ten, how’s the burger?

Ezra:  Oh, about a 5:30.


2 Responses to “In ‘N Out review by Ezra”

  1. jessicah Says:

    lol….I’d rate InnOut burgers about a 5:30 too. I don’t quite understand all the hype…

  2. Sean Says:

    If you get it “Animal” style it might be worth a 6 & 11/32’s.

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