What The Hell Are You Eating?

Food In The News: Subway Drops the Hammer August 23, 2008

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Subway serves, arguably, the worst sandwiches readily available to the public on a daily basis. Perhaps a case could be made for Mr. Goodcents being the worst, but let’s be honest, the sheer volume of mediocre bullshit coming out of Subway Sandwich shops is astounding. My initial favorite part of this “news” story was when Peterson said that he’s not going, “to pay 12 dollars for ten dollar sandwiches.” Really? I think you actually just paid 12 dollars for a couple of two dollar sandwiches. But then my favorite part turned out to be the reporter doing the take as he walks out of the Subway door and tries to act really incredulous about Peterson calling a second and third time to 9-1-1. He really can’t pull it off. He should have saved some of that incredulity for his hair stylist, I mean, look at that terrible wig he’s wearing.


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