What The Hell Are You Eating?

Taco Update August 28, 2008

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Things just got interesting folks.  Cal, Henry and I went to Las Brasas last week and each received a culinary reach around.  I’ll add a full review after I go back this weekend but right now I just want to talk tacos.  I had a carne asada, adobado (a kind of al pastor-ish pork), cabeza and a chicharron taco.  The adobado and cabeza were good, nothing too special, but the carne asada and the chicharron blew me away.  The carne asada was grilled on a mesquite grill then chopped and tucked into a fresh flour tortilla.  It was gristleless, tender, and cooked to what, yes, perfection.  If it were socially acceptable to drape their carne asada around my neck like a lei, I’d wear it to your next Hawaiian themed party.  Believe that.  However, the chicharron taco was unlike anything I’d ever eaten stuffed inside a flour tortilla.  It was perfect semi-fatty, crispy pieces of pork charred and loved like a grandchild.  I could’ve eaten fourteen of them.  The only previous experience with a chicharron taco was at El Sur and I know now they were decidedly sub standard, those tacos were hard ropey pieces of fatty pork.  These tacos were transcendent.  I’m serious, if I had the choice of going back in time and meeting someone totally awesome like Paul Robeson or Tesla or eating only one of these tacos for the rest of my life, I’d go taco.

That doesn’t mean they supplant Valarie’s potato tacos though, I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t eat one of those ever again.  Part of their appeal is that they’re only available on Valarie’s whim.  Which I suppose is really just clever marketing on her part.


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  1. Luke Says:

    As I remember, Tania’s has some di-no-mite chicharron. This was a few years ago though. I personally have never seen a chicharron taco served on anything other than a fresh corn tortilla. I seems to me that the usual flour tortilla is not robust enough to handle piping hot chicharron. Must try for my self.

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