What The Hell Are You Eating?

No Anchovies September 1, 2008

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After a couple of navigational attempts to get to that truck stop whose pie everyone’s always talking about at Kolb and I-10, Valarie and I ended up eating at No Anchovies over the weekend.  V has long held it as her favorite pizza place in town but I had only been once, a long time ago and wasn’t really all that impressed.  It sounded just right the other night during the torrential down pour so we went for it.

No Anchovies is down on University which is usually as much deterrent for a restaurant that I need, especially now that the students are back.  I figured on a Sunday night in the middle of a rain storm it would be pretty empty, but I was wrong.  It was jam packed and a few people were even sitting outside in the rain under large umbrellas that normally block the sun instead of rain and in front of some rather large heaters.  We found a cramped table over in the corner but it was good enough.  The decor at No Anchovies is pretty much incendental, I don’t think I could have recalled it if I took pictures.  The bar area is crammed full of seating but I imagine it is less populated when the weather is nice.  The only real detraction was the overwhelming amount of dudes in the resaurant.  There was a pretty serious dick party going on.  The ratio of men to women was so high that V speculated that she might feel uncomfortable even stopping by for a slice to go.  Seriously, it was like Gold Rush Era San Francisco in there.

But enough about that, the pizza is the real reason to go to No Anchovies.  I had a slice with spicy buffalo chicken and a slice of tomato, spinach and garlic.  V had a mushroom and a supreme slice.  For the most part, you just pick slices that they have on display.  They have all the standards plus some specialty ones so while you may not get exactly what you came for, there should be something to suit your fancy.  The pizza is thin crust and crispy, but not dry and charred like so often is the problem with thin crust slice.  My slices both had perfect cheese to sauce ratios which is also a frequent problem when dealing with a thin crust pie.  A deep dish can withstand too much sauce but also overcompensate for too little.  Too much sauce on a thin crust basically murders the slice rendering it something you might eat, then poop, at Sbarro’s.  The spicy buffalo chicken had a good deal of chicken but not so much to overpower the overall slice.  The spinach and tomato was not as good, but still tasty.  The tomatoes didn’t spend enough time in the oven.  Everyone who eats with me knows how fast I eat but at No Anchovies I tried to tone it down and finish my slice the same time as V.  No dice.  I finished both slices pretty much as soon as she was done with her first one despite the fact that I waited almost five minutes in between slices.  I suppose she could have really been savoring her supreme slice since it is her favorite in town.  She took the mushroom slice home to eat later while she made sugar skulls.

I have to concede to Valarie on this point, No Anchovies has some of the best pizza in town.  All you have to do is wade through a sea of cargo shorts and backwards hats to get in.  I give No Anchovies a solid 7 and a half slices of sweet lovin’.


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