What The Hell Are You Eating?

Chip Controversies with Ezra September 2, 2008

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Uncle Joe (eating chip):  What’s up Ezra?

Ezra:  Hi.

Uncle Joe:  What are you watching?

Ezra:  Where did you get that chip?

Uncle Joe:  I rooted around in the trash for a while then I found it.

Ezra:  You got it out of the trash?!?!

Uncle Joe:  Yeah.

Ezra:  Me and my dad threw those away!  You liked them?

Uncle Joe:  Wait, I didn’t really, it’s a corn chip from the bag on the counter.

Ezra:  Oh, because we threw away those chips that me and you and my dad tried.  They were weird.

Uncle Joe:  The On-yums were too weird to eat, huh?  Did they taste too much like poop?

Ezra:  No!

Uncle Joe:  What then?

Ezra:  Wieners!


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