What The Hell Are You Eating?

Fusion Wasabi October 23, 2008

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It’s important when comparing restaurants offering similar cuisines that you select a barometer dish. For example, my barometer dish for Chinese restaurants is Mongolian Chicken. My brother uses pepperoni as his barometer pizza. For sushi, I use the Vegas Roll and tuna nigiri. Cal and I tried both at Fusion Wasabi last week.

Fusion Wasabi tries too hard. That’s the lasting impression I have of the little sushi restaurant on Craycroft just South of Broadway. From the blue tinted light in the bathroom to the stupid name, Fusion Wasabi offers several missteps and few actual pluses.

One of the few pluses was actually the service.  I never caught our waiter’s name but he seemed like a good guy and was all over the three or four tables that were occupied while we were there.  He also switched the television to the ALCS so we could watch the Rays jump out to a sharp lead over the ridiculous Red Sox.  They also had sushi on their happy  hour menu which made it much more affordable without the all you can eat option.

Their roll selection was full of gimmicky rolls that had names like the Pink Lady, which we tried (meh) and the sky blue wasabi fusion roll which we didn’t.  The standard barometer roll that both Cal and I use is the vegas roll.  It’s the least sushi of any sushi you could possibly eat and consequently we both feel that if you can’t at least do it right, why are you even in the game.  Fusion Wasabi’s vegas roll left a little to be desired.  It tasted okay but while most sushi places go all out and offer a hulking slab of fried delight, Fusion Wasabi presented a thin, tight roll.  Their sky blue wasabi crunch roll was pretty good but I had no idea what was in it or even on it.

Probably the real winner of the meal was the red snapper nigiri.  They must have lucked out with a nice piece of snapper because it practically melted on top of the little square of rice it was resting on.  There was some mystery nigiri that we didn’t order that we thought might be yellow tail but it tasted so rank, I almost garfed as I forced it down.

I can’t really recommend Fusion Wasabi but I won’t say we had a bad time eating there.  Perhaps if the rest of your family wants to go to Risky Business you could hop over and grab some red snapper nigiri.  I give Fusion Wasabi 5 weird gimmick sushi rolls.


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