What The Hell Are You Eating?

Mary’s Lucky Dollar October 22, 2008

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Mary’s Lucky Dollar: S. 10th and 22nd
Pull up to this dinky white house turned restaurant in the early morning and enjoy one of the best Mexican breakfast menus in town!! This place is beyond funky and as you enter all of the locals of the area look at you and wonder who the hell you are and why the hell you are there. As you head for the counter to order your food you check out the menu and say to yourself— what the hell, are these prices for real (they have actually raised their prices–they scratch out the price and pencil in a new price on the wall menu)?? Have a great meal for two for under 10 bucks!!!! As you are handing the cashier your money, you glance to the back of the room and you see 80 or 90 year olds peeling potatoes and watching a novella—oh, this is some good atmosphere.You settle into a booth or a folding table. The food arrives and WOW! I could make love to this chorizo, and the huevos rancheros are beautiful looking and truly outstanding. Being from the border, I am a hellava picky Mexican food critic and this place signifies ocho chili tepins! Lunch is not as tasty—therefore it does not recieve my 10 chili tepins. Atmosphere=10 tepins, Huevos Rancheros=10 tepins, Chorizo=10 tepins, Name of Restaurant =10 plus tepins!
Look for the dollar on the wall!

-Josh Conzemius


Le Delice July 8, 2008

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Jessica and Noel enticed me across the great chasm of Central Tucson to Le Delice last weekend. We met Sunday morning for breakfast in the faceless strip of mall on Tanque Verde. There were only a few other diners but the service picked up as we dined, including many customers just popping in for loaves of bread or pastries. Le Delice has a wide selection of deserts and delicious looking croissants though I didn’t try any of them because I was playing basketball directly after breakfast and didn’t want to be the first of the plus thirty group of barely in shape basketballers to vomit off the side of the court.

Instead I went with the Belgian Waffle, eggs and bacon. I am a waffle man, sorry pancake fans, but you’re breakfast carb of choice just doesn’t stack up. The Belgian at Le Delice did not disappoint. It was thick and sturdy with a sharp crust that shielded a fluffy light interior from my prying teeth. One odd thing though, I didn’t get any syrup. I don’t over syrup so I didn’t think too much of it but I started to get paranoid that the French had some syrup aversion that I was in the dark about so I was too chickenshit to ask and appear the novice to the waitress who probably was unaware that she was even serving French dishes (Though I have to say a Belgian Waffle and eggs is hardly a French dish). So I went without. I asked for my eggs over easy but got one over medium and one over easy. The over medium egg was disgusting, the hard yolk sat engulfed in raw egg like an organ. I did stumble on a new taste sensation as I used my Belgian to sop up the yolk of my egg that was cooked properly. It’s not going to replace toast or anything but it was new and I liked it.

Noel had eggs benedict which ranks somewhere near egg salad in the rankings of how I want my eggs. Applying a sauce made chiefly of eggs and butter on top of eggs just seems redundant to my palate, the same with eggs and mayonnaise. Anything someone thinks is disgusting, someone else loves, it’s one of the things that makes me love food. Jessica had a croissant sandwich and hash browns. We all puzzled over the inclusion of hash browns, aren’t they primarily an American dish? Surely the French have a companion potato.

I felt Le Delice was well worth my trip across town. Next time I’ll grab a couple of those pastries or a French loaf. Also on the way out, I noticed several other diners with pancakes and French toast drowning in syrup. I’d been snubbed. I’d have to try lunch or dinner before I could give a more firm rating but as it stands I give Le Delice, 7 Belgians.

When in the hell will the rest of America catch up to NY?