What The Hell Are You Eating?

Chip Controversies with Ezra September 2, 2008

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Uncle Joe (eating chip):  What’s up Ezra?

Ezra:  Hi.

Uncle Joe:  What are you watching?

Ezra:  Where did you get that chip?

Uncle Joe:  I rooted around in the trash for a while then I found it.

Ezra:  You got it out of the trash?!?!

Uncle Joe:  Yeah.

Ezra:  Me and my dad threw those away!  You liked them?

Uncle Joe:  Wait, I didn’t really, it’s a corn chip from the bag on the counter.

Ezra:  Oh, because we threw away those chips that me and you and my dad tried.  They were weird.

Uncle Joe:  The On-yums were too weird to eat, huh?  Did they taste too much like poop?

Ezra:  No!

Uncle Joe:  What then?

Ezra:  Wieners!


A Conversation with Ezra on the Anaconda’s Eating Habits August 14, 2008

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Uncle Joe:  Hey, Ezra?

Ezra:  What?

Uncle Joe:  What’s your favorite kind of food?

Ezra:  Chips and Cheese.

Uncle Joe:  Without a doubt?  Chips and Cheese?

Ezra (yelling):  Chips and Cheese!!!

On the television an anaconda eats a mama sloth and her baby.

Uncle Joe:  Do you think anacondas would eat chips and cheese?

Ezra:  Are you crazy?

Uncle Joe:  Just think about it.

Ezra:  What if an anaconda was eating a hot dog?

Uncle Joe:  Who would give an anaconda a hot dog?

Ezra:  A rhino.


In ‘N Out review by Ezra August 12, 2008

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Uncle Joe:  Ezra, how’s that burger?

Ezra:  Hmm?

Uncle Joe:  On a scale from one to ten, how good is that burger?

Ezra:  What?

Uncle Joe:  One to ten, how’s the burger?

Ezra:  Oh, about a 5:30.


A Conversation About A Granny Smith Apple July 29, 2008

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Uncle Joe (That’s me):  Hey, Ezra do you want an apple?

Ezra:  Yes.  With Peanut Butter?

Uncle Joe:  Ok

The apple is served, cut into sections with a large dollop of organic peanut butter.

Ezra:  What’s that?

Uncle Joe:  It’s an apple.

Ezra:  Oh, right.

Uncle Joe:  I thought you said you wanted an apple.

Ezra:  I do, what’s that stuff?

Uncle Joe:  It’s peanut butter.

Ezra:  It looks like poop.

Uncle Joe:  I promise it isn’t poop just try it.

Ezra tries the apple with the “poop” style peanut butter.

Ezra:  It tastes like poop too.  Do we have that other peanut butter?

Uncle Joe:  Yes.

I give Ezra a second helping of peanut butter and he continues to eat them.

Ezra:  Uncle Joe?

Uncle Joe:  Yeah, dude.

Ezra:  Can you do something about these?

Uncle Joe:  What?

Ezra:  These apples have poop on them, wash them off/

Uncle Joe:  It’s peanut butter not poop but I will wash them off.

Ezra:  It’s poop and I want it off my plate.

Uncle Joe:  You’re so weird.

Ezra:  No, you are.

Uncle Joe:  No, you are.

Ezra:  No, you are.

Uncle Joe:  I’m not the one who ate a bunch of poop apples.

Ezra:  POOP APPLES!!!!

Uncle Joe:  Just finish them.


Fruit Review: The Pluot by Ezra

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Half purple stuff, half gross.